Airport security agent tricked passenger into exposing herself

An airport security official tricked a female traveller into twice showing him her breasts, a California attorney said.

Johnathon Lomeli, 22, was working as a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official at Los Angeles International Airport, one of America’s busiest, last June when he screened the woman, according to California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

He was arrested yesterday.

She claims that Lomeli told her he had to look inside her bra to make sure she wasn’t hiding anything.

The woman told investigators he told her to lift her shirt “to show me your full breasts”.

He also asked her to hold her trousers away from her waist so he could look inside, she said.

He then said she was free to go, she said, adding that she had nice breasts.

Lomeli is expected to appear at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday.

A TSA spokesperson said: “TSA does not tolerate illegal, unethical or immoral conduct.

“The behaviour described in the state charging documents is unacceptable and an affront to the hardworking and committed members of our workforce. The individual charged with these crimes is no longer with the agency and we pledge to fully cooperate with the ongoing law enforcement investigation into this matter.”

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